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  • Bullet

    Bullet has been a favorite beer brand of the people of Rajasthan ever since its launch decades ago. Bullet, with its name and positioning has always had a rustic and son of the soil appeal, endearing the brand to its target audience.

    Bullet comes with the stamp of a high quality product from a trusted company and has an attractive price. The product packaging of golden colour reflects the colour of the royal deserts of Rajasthan. The bold strategy of consumer friendly pricing has made the brand an undisputed leader in Rajasthan.

    The brand through this communication – Aapno Bullet, Aapno Rajasthan - positions Bullet as an integral part of Rajasthan’s culture.

  • Cannon 10000

    Cannon 10000 is a legacy brand of Maharashtra which has been in existence for almost four decades. It has a very strong market presence in the marathwada region of Maharashtra.

    Due to its unique taste, it has a very strong following among the consumers and inspite of the presence of global beer brands in the region, it is ranked amongst the top.

  • Kalyani Black Label

    Kalyani Black Label is an iconic brand in West Bengal. Named after one of the UB group’s first breweries in the country situated in the town of Kalyani in West Bengal. KBL, as it is fondly called, is an established brand with a differentiated taste and has its footprints across many eastern states, offering great value for money. Today, the strong version - Kalyani Black Label Strong carries on the legacy of Kalyani in the state of West Bengal.

  • UB Export

    UB Export is Karnataka‘s home grown brand for decades. People of Karnataka have grown up with UB Export, and love the brand for its authenticity, taste and good quality, and see it as one of their own. UB Export provides the consumers an experience of a high quality product in a stylish and attractive packaging, all at a very affordable price.

    In the early 2000s, UB Export signed on Kannada film star Upendra, who is very popular amongst the masses, and complements the brand image of style with the local touch. Uppi, as he is loving called, featured in a marketing blitzkrieg, exhorting consumer with the line “Yaake Cool Drink?” (why cool drink?”. This was when the price of UB Export was a little more than a cool drink. This campaign caught the fancy of the market and UB Export sales soared.

    Towards the end of the decade, with the growing consumer preference for strong beers, UB Export Strong was launched.

    Today, UB Export continues to be a strong force in the beer market, and the much loved beer of Karnataka.

  • Zingaro

    Zingaro Super Strong was launched in the year 2000. The name Zingaro is associated with charisma and mystique. Initially, Zingaro was established as a light hearted super strong premium and refreshing beer that unravels the 'real person in consumer' for moments of uninhibited fun.

    The label design with red and gold with a metallic finish brings alive the brand personality of Zingaro.

  • London Pilsner

    London Pilsner is the iconic beer of Mumbai. LP, as it is loving called, still has a loyal following in Mumbai, Pune and other parts of Maharashtra, despite the launch of a multitude of beer brands from multi-national companies.

    London Pilsner is available in two variants – mild and strong lagers. The strong variant – London Pilsner Premium strong beer, was launched in 2008 to cater to the growing preference for strong beers. LP has created a dominant ‘value segment’ in the state, and offers consumers excellent value in terms of its striking packaging, quality beer and long standing legacy.

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